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Certification Pricing

Prices valid from from September 2015 through June 2016.


Certification Type Certification Cost Additional non-member / ecosystem member surcharge Additional non-memberr / ecosystem member listing fee
New Products
(End Product, Module, Software Component) that do not embed certified products:
Lab testing is required: $6,000 $5,000 $500
New Products which embed certified Modules or End Products or Software Components:      
Lab testing required: $3,000 $5,000 $500
Lab testing not required: $400 $5,000 $500
Product Updates:    
Major Revision: $3,000   $500
Minor Revision $800   $500
No AllJoyn changes: $0   $500
Product Variants:  
Major Revision $4,200 $5,000 $500
Minor Revision: $800 $5,000 $500
No AllJoyn Changes:      
Attribute Changes (Device metadata change): $0 $5,000 $500
Other Cases: $400 $5,000 $500
Product Rebranding: $400 $5,000 $500

All prices are in US dollars.

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OEM Discount for Recurring Certification Testing

All OEMs will receive a progressive discount for recurrent certification testing. The procedure to get this progressive discount is described below:

  • The first certification activity for New Product, Product Update and Product Variant involving testing will be charged at list price.
  • Each subsequent certification activity for New Product, Product Update and Product Variant involving testing ordered in less than six (6) months from the previous one will get an additional 2.5% discount, up to a maximum of 10% discount.

Product Update Details

  1. Attribute Changes: when there is a change in the color, labeling, etc. This can be the typical case of regional variants: variant for USA, Europe, Japan, China, etc. The product is exactly the same but the model number is different and color, labeling, language, etc. are different.
  2. Other Cases: when the change is something different than a change of attribute. For example, a family of products with different sizes, but the same AllJoyn hardware and software.

Glossary of Terms

  • New Products - The first AllSeen Alliance certification of a product. The product categories are: End Product, Module, Software Component, and Product Integration. See Program Management Document for a definition of these terms.
  • Product Update - Certification of a new release of an already certified product with a software and/or hardware modification compared to the certified product.
  • Product Variant - Certification of a new product with software and/or hardware set of modifications from an already certified product from which some certification testing can be reused.
  • Product Re-branding - Certification of a product where the only changes relative to an already certified product are those that affect the branding of the product and optionally upper applications, packaging and/or cosmetics of the product.
  • Major Revision - Product changes that affect AllJoyn interoperability
  • Minor Revision - Product changes that do not affect AllJoyn interoperability


Please see the Program Management Document (PMD) for the full details of the certification program, certification details and definitions. The PMD is available as a download from the Certification Guide. At all times, the PMD is the authoritative document of record.

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